Gelaterie Pierino | About Us
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About Us


Gelaterie Pierino is a family owned business. The name deriving from Pietro Stellato who left to his family his vast knowledge in the art of gelato making and coffee mixing. Pietro “Pierino” was introduced to this art by his father in the late 1950’s at their home in Italy. It is with great pride that we continue his legacy here in Montreal and honor his memory by bringing to everyone his wonderful gelato.


Gelaterie Pierino is an independent Gelato store, located in the Villery area. Our Gelato/Sorbet is our specialty, all homemade and produced with pride. There are NO artificial flavours or colours added to our gelato and ALL our ingredients come from Italy. Each flavour is unique and adaptable to your particular taste. Whether you’re tasting one of our traditional flavours, or a personalized flavour, we are sure to please your taste buds with every spoonful!


Gelato vs Ice Cream

American style Ice creams are heavy on the cream, which means they are high fat content.  These types of ice creams usually use artificial flavours.  Ice creams are churned at higher speeds and harder to whip (called overrun), which is helped by the high amount of cream in the mixture. Some of the typical ice creams have an overrun of up to 90%, which makes them inflated with air, less favourable, thinner, and a faster melting texture. In other words, each bite is almost 75% air!!!


Gelato is churned at a much slower speed, which introduces less air into the mixture during its freezing process.  Gelato has a lower amount of fat because it contains more milk than cream.  All flavours are natural and from its natural extract. Also using real oils, pastes, concentrates etc.  As opposed to American ice cream which is usually kept at a temperature of -19 Celsius, Gelato is kept at a warmer temperature.  It is best served at a temperature between -13 and -15 Celsius (All depending on the mixture or strength of your freezer) to ensure that you will enjoy the creamy texture.


Gelateria Pierino makes lots of GELATO flavors. We specialize in traditional Italian gelato, as well as ALCOHOL INFUSED gelato flavours. Our original Pierino gelato recipes and passion for excellence is what make us MONTREAL’S best gelato and ice cream parlor.