Gelaterie Pierino | About Us
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About Us


Gelaterie Pierino is a family owned business. The name deriving from Pietro Stellato who left to his family his vast knowledge in the art of gelato making and coffee mixing. Pietro “Pierino” was introduced to this art by his father in the late 1950’s at their home in Italy. It is with great pride that we continue his legacy here in Montreal and honor his memory by bringing to everyone his wonderful gelato.

What we are made of

Gelaterie Pierino is a gelateria/cafe located in the Little Italy area of Montreal. Our Gelato & Sorbetto is our specialty & tells a story with every spoonful! All homemade and produced with pride, our gelato is LOW IN FAT & GLUTEN FREE while our sorbets are VEGAN & LACTOSE FREE. We prefer to keep it natural therefore are no artificial flavors, preservatives or colors added to our gelato. Our ingredients are carefully selected, each coming from the finest regions around the world. Each flavor is unique and adaptable to your particular taste so if your tasting one of our traditional flavors or a modernized one, we are sure to please your taste buds with every spoonful!

At Pierino, we are proud to share our story of making a homemade frozen dessert, produced daily & fresh. Our recipes are created by balancing every ingredient, creating the density and silkiness savored in every bite. Our original Pierino gelato recipes and passion for excellence is what make us Montreal’s best gelato and ice cream parlor!


Gelato vs Ice Cream

Gelato & Sorbet has generated a lot of confusion over the years. Ice cream is whipped with 60-90% air, while gelato has just around 20%. This means more air, less flavor. Ice cream has anywhere between 14-25% fat whereas gelato has 4-8% while our sorbets have close to 0%. Gelato is held at a warmer temperature, which helps give it its creamy and silky texture. Fresh ingredients & a great recipe is what gives gelato its stronger and more satisfying taste!


Gelateria Pierino makes lots of GELATO flavors. We specialize in traditional Italian gelato, as well as ALCOHOL INFUSED gelato flavours. Our original Pierino gelato recipes and passion for excellence is what make us MONTREAL’S best gelato and ice cream parlor.