Who is Pierino?

Gelaterie Pierino is a family owned business. The name deriving from Pietro Stellato who left to his family his vast knowledge in the art of gelato making and coffee mixing. Pietro “Pierino” was introduced to this art by his father in the late 1950’s at their home in Naples, Italy. It is with great pride that we continue his legacy here in Montreal and honor his memory by bringing to everyone his wonderful homemade gelato.


Pierino is…

  • A fun and happy business concept to own and operate
  • A business known for our outstanding customer service and products
  • A sincere cup of “Italia”


Why choose Pierino?

Pierino is spreading the most authentic Italian gelato across Montreal by the mouthful.  We have educated & changed the vision Canadians have on a simple frozen Italian treat.  Since 2014, Pierino has a reputation for integrity, honesty and quality.  Our gelato bars offer the finest artisanal gelato, hand blended coffee & the traditional soft serve ice cream along with many other original offerings.


Our Goal

Our goal is not to only open a simple café, but to make Pierino the face of gelato here in Canada.  We want to provide our clients with our great authentic gelato along with our exceptional customer service.


Giving you the right tools for success;

Pre-opening support

  • Market studies
  • Site selection
  • Lease negotiations
  • Business plan preparation
  • Architectural and interior design
  • Construction and equipment



  • Complete training program
  • Experienced and motivated operations team
  • Guidance with day-to-day operations


Target Locations:

-Old Port, Montreal        -West Island, Montreal                 -Laval, Quebec                 -Quebec City, Quebec

-Terrebonne, Quebec                    -South Shore, Quebec                    -Mirabel, Quebec

Is there training or support provided?

Pierino provides a detailed training & support program to help you every step of the way.  It starts with a two-week training session at our corporate location for you, the operator or the store general manager.  This training occurs a few weeks prior to the opening date.  You will also be provided with an employee manual & our “How to” manual.  This will teach and guide you and your staff what they need to know about running your gelato bar.  When your store opens, we provide on-site assistance for the first week (or longer if necessary).  Support will always be available via cell phone or email.

What is the Return on Investment?

Return on investment varies and depends mostly on one main factor, YOU! It all depends on how efficient you are to run the business and control all aspects such as labor and costs of goods. Location can also play a role.

What are the location criterias to open a Pierino?

  • Size: +/- 650-1000 sqft
  • Terrace: (+/- 250 sqft) *Recommend. (A terrace is recommended as it would increase sales & is an attraction.)
  • Parking is recommended.
  • Walking traffic areas is a plus.

Do you offer financing?

Pierino does not offer financing but we can recommend some third-party options for you.

What do you look for in a franchisee?

At Pierino we take pride in every aspect of our business.

We expect our franchisees to do the same by providing:

  • Total commitment to the Pierino brand & its conditions
  • Passion for gelato, coffee and panini making

Utmost respect & excellent customer service

CONTACT US: 514-924-6666